Trekking health requirements; Uganda hosts a number of primates and they are found in different destinations in the pearl of Africa. Chimpanzees are distributed in many locations in Uganda such as kibale national park the capital of primate, Murchison falls, Queen Elizabeth national park and many others.  When it comes to mountain gorillas, Uganda hosts half of the world’s gorilla population in its bwindi impenetrable forest. Before the critically endangered mountain gorillas faced a number of problems such as poaching, selling their meet, selling them, and many others. However now the governments of countries where these primates are found, came up with measures of protecting Mountain gorillas and chimpanzees. This gave the travelers a chance to trek them in their natural habitats.


Before tracking both mountain gorillas and chimpanzee tracking in all the countries that host them, there some criteria you have to meet. Some of the things they check before you track the primates include; the age, health, clothes, fitness and many others.

These primates, chimpanzees and mountain gorillas are very vulnerable to human disease such as flue and colds and many others that’s why the trekking health requirements are important. They are put in place to make sure that every tracker is free from all the contagious diseases and this is checked at the start of the trek by the park authorities. And in  case they doubt any condition from the tracker, they reserve the right to prevent you from meeting the chimpanzees and the mountain gorillas.

In case the traveler is going to trek the gorillas or chimpanzee and fells sick or gets flu or cold, they should inform their safari guide as soon as possible and he will seek advice as to the best way to manage the situation. Some of the requirements needed before tracking the mountain gorillas or chimpanzee include;

Yellow fever vaccine is needed. Before tracking the primates in East Africa, you have to present it to the park authorities. The traveler has to get this vaccine not later than 10 days prior to your departure.

Typhoid vaccine in countries like Rwanda it is required especially when crossing the border to Rwanda. Tetanus is also recommended and cholera but they are not compulsory. Hepatitis vaccination is also required from every traveler before tracking the gorillas and chimpanzees. Malaria precautions are a must and can be got from local pharmacy. It is also good to carry insect repellant with you to spray on yourself before going for the tracking adventure.

Tracking the chimpanzee and mountain gorillas, the traveler has to be 15 years and above and the authorities of the park are very strict on this. Therefore the traveler should make sure that all the children are 15 years or older so that they should not be refused to track the incredible primates.

Mountain gorillas are only found in 3 countries Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda only and still these countries also host chimpanzees. Therefore every traveler that wishes to engage in tracking these primates should meet the health requirements because if he or she does, the chance to meet the gorillas and chimpanzees in their natural habitats may lose it.