As for many travelers currently travelling  to countries and destinations, they have  read about the host destinations on the media or from the reference from the people that visited the sites. This possesses a question, what is the importance of a tour guide on a safari?

As for some tourists they wouldn’t see the need for local guides, due of the preference of Google information or written materials about  the destinations. Tour guides are important on Uganda safaris, as they make the whole safari journey interesting with the narrative stories and knowledge about the destinations.

Most of the touristic destinations in Uganda have local guides. And for most of the tour operators, they use drive guides as tour guides hitting two birds with one stone. The local guides are usually located at the destinations. They are well conversant with the product knowledge of the touristic destinations.

It is important to use local guides on every Uganda safari. This saves time, as they are quick at problem solving and they work per request by the tourists. Park rangers in the gorilla destinations usually under take the role of the tour guiding in the forests.

The park rangers are familiar with the different location of specific and particular  gorilla families, for those on a gorilla safari. The local ground guides know the shorter trails to reach each desired family by the tourists.

The gorilla destinations are forests, and to penetrate through the thick vegetation of the forest,  it can be a daunting experience. The park ranger’s help to guide through and locate the different gorilla families, by using the right trails to enhance the trekking experience.

The local guides provide rich, information concerning the  different touristic destinations. In regard of the history, social life, traditions, behaviors and nature of the different destinations found.  Tour guides are highly knowledgeable and educative. Giving the details of each attraction that they came across. This feeling gives security to the tourists as the person they are dealing them is well informative of the destination visited.

When choosing a tour guide, a number of factors are put to ponder. The language base of the tour guide. It is important to hire out a tour guide who is well versed with the language of the tourists. This enhances communication between the two parties and helps to break the chain and link of  language barrier.  It also cuts across knowing the language of the host community.

Getting a local tour helps in understanding the local attractions in the way, the tourists can understand the meaningfulness of the host destinations. With community tourists, a tour guides opens an opportunity to immerse in the knowledge of the local culture and history. With the fully detailed narrations, accompanied with the tours around the host destinations, this is truly a life time safari.

The price factor of the local guide is important. For the tourist can tip off or pay the guide depending on the budget of the tour. And for the chase where, the whole safari was organized by a tour agency or and operator. The tourist has less to pay off than maybe a tip off for the destination guides.

A safari would be  incomplete without a tour guide. Its important to always hire out a tour guide for a full Uganda.