Given that in a year, there is seemingly one holiday season, with other seasons occupied with work schedules and less of travel time for leisure. This hinders many tourists to enjoy the fruitfulness of the destinations they would want to visit. In the pearl of Africa, there is space for all the workaholics who would want to explore even for just about 3 days. A three days safari in Uganda, or two days, avails much more such as a gorilla experience, wildlife safari, birding safari or a hiking experience.

The pearl of Africa is among the top gorilla destinations in the world. Being a home of the eastern gorilla species, Uganda is truly a heart’s warming destination that shouldn’t miss a tourist’s bucket list.

The mountain gorillas of Uganda are located in two primate parks of the pearl, that include Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park. These national parks are located in the western region of Uganda, they hold great importance in the preservation of the gentle endangered species of the mountain gorillas.  On every Uganda gorilla safari, the two primate parks together with Kibale national park “the primate capital of the world” have been a top preference for primate lovers for most Uganda gorilla tours.

Tourists with limited time to travel, a three days gorilla experience or a two days gorilla safari, would surely suit the timetable. Never the less travelers that are involved in M.I.C.E can surely spice up their travel experience with a short gorilla experience in Uganda.

With a travel time of about 9 hours to reach the gorilla destinations of Uganda, a travel distance of 495 km to, Bwindi impenetrable national by road and 495.4 km to Mgahinga national park.  A three days gorilla experience would fit all the activities at the parks at full rollicking experience.

In the three days gorilla experience, it commences with departure from Kampala the capital of Uganda, driving south west  to the gorilla destinations. This journey is accompanied by many exciting and mesmerizing experiences, with enroute stopovers for sightseeing of the beautiful sceneries of the pearl. Stop overs can be made at the Equator sculpture in Kayabwe for photography, and a small water experiment that proves that the earth is split into two spheres. A number of attractions and activities can be involved in to entice the whole journey to the park.  Put in mind before any gorilla experience in Uganda, a trekker is sought to book a gorilla permit in advance before the activity due the high demand, especially in the high tourism seasons. The first day is mainly used for a transfer either by road or air to the gorilla destination of Uganda.

The second day commences the detailed gorilla experience, beginning with a short briefing at the headquarter about ones conduct during the gorilla experience. After the briefing, follows the trek into the forest for the mountain gorillas.

Gorillas usually live in families that are headed by a silver back , gorilla families usually comprise of young females, black backs, juveniles and infants, with a number that varies depending on the births and deaths in that family.

The trekking gorilla experience is truly life changing, as a trekker gets to encounter the endangered mountain gorillas that hold 90% of the human DNA. Witness the interesting vocals as they communicate with each other, human like gestures, wrestles, playing, feeding, resting and rare scenes of mating are truly experiences like no other.

The gorilla encounter usually take one hour with the gorillas, and a group of only eight individuals are allowed to trek per gorilla family in a day. The gorilla experience can be crowned by an optional evening visit of the indigenous Batwa people.

The Batwa people were the initial habitants of the forests, where the mountain gorillas are currently located. These people used to co-exist with the endangered apes, due to the need of their conservations and preservation, the Batwa were displaced to the outcasts of the protected areas.

An experience with the Batwa pygmies is like no other, tourists experience the authentic culture of these pygmies, witnessing their culture dances, story tales, history, involvement in their hunting skills and many more it is truly an experience like other.

The gorilla experience is made much convenient with the presence of various accommodation facilities at the park destinations, from lodges, hotels, campsites, guesthouses all and many more to the comfort, preference and budget of the tourists.

The third days ends the three days gorilla experience in Uganda with a departure from the gorilla destinations. For those with much more limited time, gorilla experiences in the pearl are enjoyed with a two day gorilla safari from Rwanda.

Rwanda is located south of the gorilla destination, availing a short travel time and distance to reach the parks. This makes it possible to trekk the mountains gorillas with in a shorter time.

The pearl of Africa is a home to diverse nature beauty, with even a few minutes of a tourist’s time; a lot can be explored and discovered on every Uganda safari. With over 400 gorillas individuals in the gorilla destinations of Uganda, a safari made with Love Uganda safari is an unforgettable experience.

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