With travel, the first think that comes to  the mind is, “how much do I need to spend”. This questions scares off some travelers, as they can’t afford their dream destinations.  The pearl of Africa Uganda, has proved to welcome all kinds of travelers, to immerse in its wonder beauty on a Uganda  gorilla safari , even on a budget.

With the rolling hills, to the snow caped mountain tops, diverse wildlife, hospital people, cool climate, fascinating vegetation and more, Uganda offers the best budget safari experience to the tourists that visit the pearl.

With price as one of the major traveling factors, travelling on a budget has been a favorite options  by  most travelers. But the question is, how can a tourists travel on a budget in Uganda?

Below are a few tips on how to travel on a budget in Uganda

Pick out the right travel season

With the good fact that Uganda is available for tourism activities throughout the year, the price varies in the different travel seasons. Travelling in the low tourism seasons in Uganda, helps to keep some cash in the pocket. The low seasons come with destination discounts on accommodation, transport and activities.

In the months of March, April, May, October and November are the low travel seasons, with few travelers coming in for tourism activities. Taking an advantage of these, helps to save up while traveling on a budget.

Choose cheap accommodation

When travelling, the presence of the various accommodation facilities enhances the whole travel experiences.  As most of the host destinations in Uganda are located in far most remote areas. Booking  accommodation facilities near the premises makes travel a lot more easier.

For a  budget traveler, it is is advised to opt for accommodation outside the Uganda national parks , or use camp sites , guesthouse, inns to cut the cost of travel. Even with accommodation, tourists can opt  for shared rooms, group sharing all these keep the expenditure of a safari low.

Self-catering, helps to cut travel costs, as preferred to ordering meals from the destinations facilities that could be pricey. Use of local restaurants to have meals, especially for tourists having excursions within Kampala the capital of Uganda is as well as another way to travel on a budget in Uganda.

The meals at the local restaurants are affordable, and for those that would want to take the mouthwatering local Uganda cuisine, not to forget the tasty “Rolex”, the local food restaurants are the best options.

Opting for couch surfing, as most in Uganda referred to as “stay homes”. Here tourists stay at individual host homes as a means of accommodation to save up money while travelling.

Use of public means

The use of public means as a means of transport is nearly not preferred by most tourists. But for the budget travelers, this helps to improvise on the means of transport. While in Uganda, tourists can use the local “taxis” and boda-bodas, giving a more African feel on the road. These are cheaper means of transport in the pearl, though not favorable in the tourists’ destinations, for the roads need a 4×4 wheel drive.

Tourists can  as well opt for self-drive; this cuts the cost for a drive while on a safari in Uganda.

Book a safari in advance

Booking flights and required permits in advance while planning for a safari trip in Uganda makes travelling less expensive. The costs of the flights are usually higher in the high travel seasons as many people travel.  Booking in due to time to travel is at a cheaper cost.

Travel in groups

Group travel is one way tourists can travel with a budget. Other than solo travel where the cost of the entire trip is based on one person.  With group travel, costs are shared which makes trips cheaper. With groups that include more than 2 people, travelers such as back packers can enjoy the Uganda destinations on a budget

Group travel involves sharing of accommodation in regard to the rooms, shared transport means furthermore going to the prices of the activities. Larger touristic groups are offered advantaged discounts compared to the lesser number.  The more the number of persons, the lower price per person for an organized safari in Uganda.

Improvising on the desired activities

Each tourist, sets their desired bucket list, but with low budget travel in plan. It important to consider activities that fit in the preferred budget while in Uganda. Opting for cheaper activities that can be great tour satisfaction helps, to manage expenses while travelling.

We are open to taking you on a budget trip across East Africa.