Gorilla trekking is an activity where tourists interested in the primate apes of the mountain gorillas, go on hike through the jungle trekking to the witness the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitants

Mountain gorillas are endangered primate species as listed by the international union for conservation of nature, due to poaching, diseases and loss of habitant.

The Ruhija sector is among the four sectors of Bwindi impenetrable national park that inhabits the mountain gorillas a subspecies of the eastern gorilla species. The Ruhija sector is located on the eastern side of Bwindi national park and it is most preferred due to its easy accessibility.

This sector of Bwindi has three habituated gorilla families that include:

Oruzogo gorilla group 

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda
Oruzogo gorilla group 

This  gorilla grouprilla family was first trekked in 2012 with 23 individual gorillas, with the leadership of Tibirikwata. Oruzogo gorilla family derived its name from the plant species that was situated where the family was first sighted. This family is uniquely gifted as it once had a twin birth in 2013 by kankonda female gorilla. This family has the most joyous and fun members offering a lifetime experience to its visitors on their gorilla safari.

Bitukura gorilla group

The Bitukura gorilla family is one of the most peaceful gorilla groups in the sector. This group was the easiest family to be habituated for it took only 1 year for its habituation, the habituation begun in 2007 July and 2008 October.  The Bitukura gorilla family derived its name from the Bitukura River, where it was first sighted in Bwindi.

The Bitukura is the only gorilla family group that was headed by the youngest silver back called Ndahura, he led the group for four years and after he died. He got the leadership from karamuzi who served the family and died after the 40 years of service. This group lost members as some left and joined other groups, but still gained more members with the new births from the adult females.

The members of the Bitukura family include kadogo, kabandize, Twakire, mugisha, Obia, Kamuga, Buhara, Betina, Rukara, karamuzi and Ndahura. This family currently has 14 members that can be witnessed while on your gorilla safari in the pearl.

Kyaguriro gorilla group

This gorilla group is actually headed by Rukara, a dominate silver back of family. The kyaguriro gorilla group was first habituated in the year 1995 and used for research by the institute of evolutionary anthropology. This group was first led by Zeus who was over thrown by the playful Rukina, who got leadership in the year 2004, Rukina later on in 2015 on April 6th.

Rukina silver back was one of the most noticeable silver back as it was used by the researchers; it also featured in gorilla documentations. For example the mountain gorilla documentation of BBC.

This gorilla group faced many challenges for it members, from the loss of members to other groups to death of its members by tragic deaths. This family faced a hard one when its leading silverback died from a lightning struck in April 2015 on 7th.

Despite the many challenges and split ups, this family is still available for trekking on every gorilla safari in Uganda.

The trekking of the mountain gorillas in this sector begins with a briefing at the parks headquarters, get to know about the does and don’ts while trekking the gentle. And always before any trekk one is required to buy and book a gorilla permit to avoid disappointment since the demand is always high especially during high seasons.

Gorilla trekking in Ruhija gorilla sector is not the only available activity for the tourists, other activities such as birding, community walks, nature walks, gorilla habituation and the cultural encounter of the Batwa community.

For those that plan a gorilla safari to the pearl of Africa, Bwindi impenetrable national park is the top mountain gorilla destination in Uganda besides Mgahinga national park. With its four sectors of Ruhija, Buhoma, Nkuringo and Rushaga, this park is surly the place to be for gorilla lovers.

Accommodation in Ruhija

  • Ruhija gorilla safari lodge
  • Ruhija gorilla mist camp
  • Trekkers tavern cottages
  • Gift of nature lodge
  • Ruhija gorilla resort
  • Ruhija community rest camp
  • Ruhija gorilla friends resort and camp
  • Broad bill forest camp (M)
  • Bakiga lodge