Primate safaris in the Africa are usually spared headed with the view of the gorilla species. Gorilla safaris in the view of the eastern gorilla species have always been a preference to many primate lovers who visit Uganda and Rwanda.

Gorillas are the largest living primates in the world.  Having the closest DNA results as close to that of humans, these are regarded  as man’s closest relative similar to the bonobos and chimpanzees.

Gorillas are herbivorous apes that feed mostly on roots, shoots, leaves, fruits and different veg’s that are found in the forest.  Gorillas are found in the tropical forest of the sub-Sahara Africa.

The eastern gorilla specie is among the two gorilla species that are found in the world. With the western gorillas found in West Africa, the eastern gorilla specie as the name suggests, are found in the eastern region of Africa. In the countries of Uganda and Rwanda.

This species is listed as a critically endangered on the red list of threatened species of the international union of conservation of nature.  The eastern gorilla species are threatened by a number of factors that result into their listing, as critically endangered and endangered.

These ape primates are threatened by poaching, habitant loss, war and unrest especially in the D.R.C and diseases for instance the “Ebola outbreak”. These factors led to the reduction in the population of the eastern gorilla species.

The eastern gorilla specie is  divided into two sub species that include the mountain gorillas and eastern low land gorillas. The eastern lowland gorillas carry the biggest population percentage with a number of 3,800 individuals and the mountain gorillas with the least numbers of about 1000 individual gorillas.

The eastern lowland gorilla (Gorilla beringei graueri) is a  sub specie of the eastern gorilla native to the mountain forests of Democratic republic of Congo. The eastern lowland can be trekked in the forested protected areas of Congo which include Maiko national park, Kahuzi Beiga national park, Usala forest and Tayna gorilla reserve.

Among the four gorilla species, the eastern lowland gorillas are the largest in size. The male low land eastern gorilla weighs about 210 kilograms with a standing height of 1.85 meters at maximum. The female eastern lowland gorillas weigh 100 kilometers with a shorter standing height from the males of 1.6 meters.

The presence of the eastern low land gorillas in the eastern forests of the Democratic republic of Congo, specifically in Kahuzi Beiga national park and Maiko national park. This has led to the trekking activities in these areas that have created employment to the local people, such as rangesr and a source of revenue through foreign exchange to the D.R.C government.

Trekking of the eastern low land gorillas is a unique experience; given the fact these species are endemic to the D.R.C. This country offers the lowest trekking rates  for the tourists interested in gorilla trekking.

The Gorilla beringei beringei (mountain gorillas) are the least in number among the gorilla sub species. The mountain gorilla sub specie is distributed in two population locations. One in the Bwindi impenetrable national park of Uganda and the other, in the Virunga Mountains that is shared by Rwanda, Uganda and D.R.C

Volcanoes national park, is the only home of the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. This national park is located in the north western region of Rwanda, in Musanze district. Gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda, to view the mountain gorillas,  usually are the preferred safaris. This is  due to the short travel time to reach the  gorilla destination.

This is usually put in comparison to  the gorilla destinations of  Uganda that are located far from the capital, requiring a long travel time.

In Uganda, the mountain gorilla sub specie is trekked in the national parks of Bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga national park. These protected are located in the south western region of Uganda.

And  in the Democratic republic of Congo, the mountain gorillas are found in the mountains of Virunga national park, an area that is part of the Virunga Chain Mountains.

Gorilla safaris in the view of the eastern gorilla species, is truly and exceptional experience. These species are unique in the physical attributes, social lives and behavior.

The eastern gorilla species are worth a glimpse on every African safari. These can be witnessed through gorilla trekking or gorilla habituation. Gorilla trekking in around east Africa , has been made favorable for all travelers due to the discounted rates that have been set up to attract more tourists to the gorilla destination during the COVID-19 pandemic .

In Uganda specifically, the gorilla permits have been deducted to 400 USD for the non-foreign residents,300 USD for the foreign residents and 150, 000 UGX for the East African residents.

On a gorilla safari, to sight the eastern gorilla species to the preferred destination, an experience with these gentle species is for a lifetime. A sight of the different members of groups interacting with one another and the surrounding is truly a breathtaking moment.

Witnessing the human like gestures, movements, feeding, playing, mating and many more on safari, is an experience not to miss on every African safari.