Chimpanzee tracking is an optional experience for all primate lovers. Chimpanzee tracking in the kyambura gorge is one of the safari activities not to miss out on a Uganda primate safari.

Chimpanzee tracking is an activity that involves hiking through the forest to catch a glimpse of the chimpanzee apes and have a face to face encounter while witnessing how they live in the jungle.

The tracking of these primates mainly done in Budongo forest of Murchison falls national park and in Kyambura gorge of Queen Elizabeth national park.

In 1962 the reserve was first established as the kyambura controlled hunt area and in 1965, it was transformed into kyambura game reserve.  Kyambura game reserve is located in the north east region of Queen Elizabeth national park, 30 km away from the main headquarters of the park.

Kyambura reserve covers an area of 156km, with a gorge that spreads up to 11km linking to the Kazinga channel. The gorge is known for its think riverine forest that is habitat to the chimpanzees which are the attraction from the kyambura gorge.

The chimpanzee experience in the kyambura gorge involves the tracking of these primates through the thick forest of the gorge. The area is recorded a home to only 26 habituated chimpanzees available for tracking.

Chimpanzee tracking in the kyambura gorge is carried in the morning beginning at 8:00 and in the afternoon beginning at 2:00pm taking only 3 hours. A group of only 6 individuals are allowed to track the chimpanzees, having only 1 hour for interaction and meeting the chimpanzee.

The tracking experience is always led by the guide, who takes the visitors through the forest trails that have a high visibility chance to spot the robust chimpanzees. Unlike kibale national park, the chance to see chimpanzees in Kyambura gorge is at a lesser opportunity since the chimpanzees are few in number and usually hide into the thick forest of the gorge.

The tracking experience are considered long, with a less chance to see the chimpanzees, but when sighted the view and sound echoes of the chimpanzees in the forest is amazing.

Besides the chimpanzees in kyambura, the gorge offers more attractions that include the beautiful eco system, other primates and birds.

The primate life in kyambura gorge is vast with other primate species besides the chimpanzees that include vervet monkeys, red tailed monkeys, baboons and the black and white Colobus monkeys.

The bird love of the kyambura gorge is another gem to explore while on a visit to the game reserve. A number of bird species can be sighted while on a walk through the trails of kyambura gorge. Bird species in the gorge include the white –winged warbler, African skimmer, Martial Eagle, blue headed nee eater, papyrus canary, corncrake, , greater flamingos, Godwit, blue headed bee eater, Chapin’s flycatcher, pink backed pelican, falcons, African broadbill, papyrus gonolek, black rumped buttonquail, eagle owl and many other bird species.

A nature walk through the park is one way the gorge can be experience. A sight of the various flora and fauna located in kyambura can be rewarding experience on a Uganda safari.

Chimpanzee tracking in kyambura gorge of Queen Elizabeth national park requires an access permit which are the chimpanzee permits. These cost differently depending on the nationality of the visitors that are interested in chimpanzee tracking.

For the foreign nonresidents and nonresidents chimpanzee tracking costs $50, for the East African residents the permits go 30,000 Uganda shillings. These permits can be obtained through the Uganda wildlife authority through a tour operator that can book the permit on behalf of the visitor.

How to access kyambura gorge.

The kyambura gorge can be accessed by a road transfer or an air drop off. The gorge is located in Queen Elizabeth national park, which means it can be accessed through with the entrance into the park. The park is located 389k from the Kampala, with a road transfer that takes about 6hour. The gorge is located just 30 km from the headquarters of Queen Elizabeth national park.

Accommodation at kyambura.

For tourists that plan to have an overnight in the Kyambura game reserve. Accommodation in the park include; kyambura gorge lodge, Elephant hab lodge, Engiri game lodge, Baboon safari, Kyanabi crater resort and  Enganzi  game lodge