Besides the mountain gorillas in the primate parks of Uganda, Uganda has proved to be among the best tourist destination. Diverse and offering a wide range of activities and attractions, Uganda was truly worth to be dubbed “the pearl of Africa “ by Wilson Churchill.

The mountain gorillas are seemingly a major high light for most tourists that visit. Being the only few existing primates in the world, and Uganda holding half of the world’s population. Gorillas safaris are a no miss to those that visit the pearl. The desire to witness the largest living primates, apes with a human DNA of about 98%.  An experience with a mountain gorilla is a lifetime adventure that cannot but convinced out on any Uganda safari.

But due to the rich diversity that the country has to offer, safaris in the pearl of Africa spread out more and exposure the tourist to the richness and authenticity of Uganda.

Uganda offers its beauty in many different ways that bring fulfillment to  different individuals in different ways. The beautiful landscape varying from  regions, the authentic culture, the mouthwatering cuisine and wildlife have also been great pull of tourists to Uganda, besides the mountain gorillas.

For the lovers of mountain gorillas, these gentle apes can be trekked in Bwindi impenetrable national park Mgahinga national park. Both located in the western region of Uganda.

The undulating landscapes of the Uganda have left many tourists mesmerized with how nature can go beyond just the physical. Mountaineering experiences on the magical mountains of Uganda cannot to be transferred, than received by the tourists that hike the high peaks of mountains in Uganda.

The Rwenzori ranges in Rwenzori national park have been a bucket list item for many hikers. With a rewarding snow caped peak, a hike to the Rwenzori ranges is a dare to many, that some conquer it.

A hike to the world’s largest mountain caldera is another high light on a Uganda hiking safari. Located on Mountain Elgon in eastern Uganda, the world’s largest mountain caldera . Mount Elgon is a shield extinct volcano, estimated to be the oldest extinct volcano with 24 years in the whole East Africa.

Mountain Elgon is shared by both Uganda and Kenya. The highest point of the mountain is wagagai peak, is  located on the Uganda side. Other experiences with mountains such as mountain sabyinyo, mountain Moroto, mountain Speke, Mountain Morungule, mountain Stanley to mention but a few. Hiking safaris to these giant features are rewarding, in substitute of the mountain gorillas.

The authentic culture and tradition of the Uganda community, have served as a exposure to show the richness and authenticity of Uganda culture. With four regions of east, west, central and north, each of these is uniquely structured and a home to different tribes distributed to all the regions.

Culture tours and safaris in Uganda, are a great interest to those that want to immerse and know the different traditions, rituals, lifestyle, spirituality, beliefs, languages, customs, norms of the different tribes that are located in the pearl.

The local Ugandan cuisine takes part in the lead to fully understand the culture of the friendly Uganda community. The locally made cuisines some of which represent the various cultures and tribes of Uganda. The taste full food can be experienced on a culinary tour in Uganda.

The famous “Rolex “a road side snack is one of the highlights of Ugandan cuisine. The “Rolex” makes a combination of fried omelets, with vegetables crapped in a “chapatti”. On every culinary trip through the streets of Uganda, a “Rolex” is one thing to look out for.

The diverse wildlife in the protected areas of Uganda, are one of the astounding attractions on a Uganda safari. The protected areas of Uganda for example sanctuaries, national parks, game reserves, wetlands and other small units that protect and conserve wildlife. These give an opportunity to view the various wildlife found in the areas.

For a Uganda wildlife safari,  the national parks of Queen Elizabeth national park, Lake Mburo national park, Kidepo valley national park Pian upe game reserve, katonga game reserve, matheniko game reserves etc. These protected areas are ideal for game viewing on a game drive, while on a Uganda wildlife tour.

An encounter of a birding safari in Uganda enhances a safari in Uganda. The birding destinations for example Bigodi wetland sanctuary, Mabamba wetland sanctuary, Semuliki national park “the birders haven “. These enable birding experiences to take place, giving home to various bird species that can be sighted on a Uganda birding tour.

Besides the mountains gorillas, other primates species in Uganda can be tracked. The chimpanzees in kibale national park, Budongo forest and in   kyambura gorge of Queen Elizabeth national. These areas offer primate encounters where one can view the different primate species in the jungle. Other primates encountered in Uganda include the olive baboon, red tailed monkeys, vervet monkeys, blue monkeys, white and red Colobus monkeys, Uganda mangabey and not to forget the golden monkeys in Mgahinga national park .

Adventure tourism in Uganda, has picked up with the exciting adventurous activities ready for a dare. Jinja city, the adventurous capital of East Africa “ is the main hub of Adventure in Uganda.  The strategic location of the city near the source of the Nile” the longest river in the world” and Lake Victoria give a create opportunity to the creation of different tourism products.

Activities such as the tubing the Nile, white water rafting, bungee jumping, zip lining, water slides, quad biking, boat cruise, kayaking, canoeing and many. These have been a great thrill and enjoyment for adventure tourists.

Besides the endangered mountain gorillas of the pearl, Uganda has a lot more to offer to  visitors. Catering for diverse wants, interests, needs and expectations of different tourists that visit the country.

The stable political environment, good climate and well coming people, make every traveler feel home away from home.

And with the new novel of COVID-19, vaccination of the local communities, putting in place and enforcing the standard operations procedures. This has helped to reduce the spread of the virus. Making Uganda a country safe for travel for every safari.