Many tourists that visit Uganda, want to explore and immerse in the rich and authentic tribes found in the pearl of Africa. A visit to the Batwa community in Bwindi impenetrable national park, is a major ‘icing sugar” after experiencing all the park has to offer. A cultural encounter with the Batwa community is truly a no miss on Uganda gorilla safari.

History of the Batwa people

The Batwa people originally occupied the Bwindi forest, and are believed to be the first inhabitants of Bwindi with the mountain gorillas. The Batwa are a pygmy group of indigenous people that lived their entire lives in the forest.

Unfortunately in the year 1991, were Bwindi impenetrable national park was gazette as a national park, these people where forcefully evicted from the premises of the forest to the neighboring outcasts of the forest.

There is a small people of the Batwa pygmies in Uganda currently, due to the various challenges that the community faced. In these include, displacement, lack of land for agriculture and settlement and then disease.

Having an interest to have an encounter with the Batwa community, the indigenous tribe of the Batwa can be experienced while in Bwindi impenetrable national park.

Bwindi impenetrable national is park is the only home to the mountain gorillas of Uganda, together with Mgahinga national park. This national park is located in the south western region of Uganda. This national park is well known for gorilla trekking, never the less a cultural encounter with the Batwa has been recorded as a rewarding experience for those that visit the national park.

The park is divided into four sectors that hold the different numbers of the gorillas.  This national park can be accessed by a road transfer, which covers a long distance of approximately 9 hours or a quick air transfer to Bwindi can get one faster to the national park.

An encounter with the Batwa people is really an exceptional experience not to miss out on a Uganda safaris.

The Batwa pygmies live in small family groups, living in the outcasts of the forest. With a visit to the Batwa community, one gets to know and witness the interesting life of these people.

With a visit to the community of the Batwa community, an experience with the traditions dance session, leaves one relished and energized. The local’s perform a traditional dance, were they involve the visitors that come to the community.

A local guide of the Batwa, takes tourists around exploring the different home steads and how the Batwa live their life. The guide takes you through hurting practices of the Batwa, have an experience on how to use a bow and an arrow, for they were mainly hunters in the forest for wild meat.

An encounter with the Batwa gives a tourist to have a hike with the community members through the forest, as they explain the different fauna they use.

An experience with the Batwa pygmies is an experience not to miss out for all cultural safari.

Have a lifetime encounter with the Batwa on every Uganda safari.