Recorded as the only savannah park in Rwanda, Akagera national park is the ideal place for wildlife viewing, for tourists interested in wildlife safaris in Rwanda. Akagera national park covers an area of 1122km of beautiful savannah plains, montane and swamps that are home to a number of wildlife species sighted on a Rwanda tour.

Akagera national park is among the only three national parks ’of Rwanda, with Nyungwe national park and volcanoes national park as the only primate parks of the country.

This national park can be accessed by road or by air with arrival from Kigali International airport. Unfortunately no domestic flights can access Akagera national park, only a charter plane that takes about 22 minutes to reach the national park. The road transfer to  national park covers a distance of 160 km that is approximately two and a half hours to reach the national park.

Akagera national park can be accessed using only the southern gate in Kayonza district and existed from the northern gate in Nyagatore district.


This savannah park was created back in 1934 by the Belgian government. It initially covered an area of 2500km, rich in biodiversity. There was an introduction of various wildlife species that included the black Rhinos, Masai giraffes and lions to mention but a few. Later due to the instabilities in Rwanda, due to the civil wars, this led to the reduction in the wildlife population in the park.

Later after the civil war, the Rwanda development board together with the African park’s Network started managing Akagera national park.  More wildlife was introduced into the premises of the national park.

Activities in Akagera national park

Game drive

This is the only national park in Rwanda, where game drives take place. With the beautiful savannah, montane and swamp vegetation that favors the host of the different wildlife species. The national park is home to various wildlife that include the 5 big five, lions, leopard, Elephants, buffaloes, zebras, antelopes, cape eland, Topi, Impala, duiker and many more.

A game drive through the national park on a Rwanda safari takes about 2 to 3 hours exploring the residents of the park’s plains. In Akagera national park, there are scheduled day game drivers and night game drives in the park, picked according the preference of the tourists.

Boat cruise

With the presence of Lake Ihema in the park, this has favored a launch cruise activity for the tourists in the national park. This activity avails more wildlife on a Rwanda, as one sails on the calm waters of Akagera national park. The boat cruise in the park is available through the day but the evening cruise is more deal. A sight of a number of water birds, schools of hippos and other wild mammals quenching their thirst is an experience not to miss out on a Rwanda safari.


For bird lovers, Akagera national park is a place to be, with about 480 bird species of which 100 are endemic to the park; this park really gives an astounding bird experience for bird watchers.  Akagera national park is a sister birding home with Nyungwe national park in Rwanda, all inhabiting diverse and beautiful bird species.

The special shoe bill stork, red –faced bar barbet, Denham’s bustard, Dimorphic egret, papyrus gonolek, shelley’s francolin, Northern brown –throated wavers, crested barbet, Eleonora’s falcon, yellow bellied eremomela, striped pipit, sooty falcon,  grasshopper buzzard,  brown chested lapwing and the booted eagle among the numerous bird species that can be sighted in the park .

Spot fishing

In the wildlife national park, there is an opportunity for fish lovers, for a fishing game. Sport fishing is carried out in Lake Shakani, one of the lakes found in the national park. With this activity, the participants can be allowed to take one specie for a meal if interested. Before the activity, the required fishing gear is needed; these can be provided by the tour operators or can be hired out while at the national park.  Some of the required gear includes an insect repellent, long sleeved trousers and socks.

Accommodation at Akagera national park

For tourists willing to spend a night over the premises of the national park, there are a number of accommodation facilities provided to enhance the adventure experience. Camp sites at the park include Ruzizi tented camp, magasi camp, Karenge Bush camp. Akagera game lodge, Yambi guest house, Ruhondo Beach resort.

The access to the various accommodations depends on the budget and preference of the tourists.

Packages available for the Rwanda safari.

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2 Day Rwanda-Akagera Wildlife Safari

2 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Adventure

3 Days Rwanda Akagera National Park Safaris

3 Days Rwanda Gorillas Experience / Tour

6 Days Rwanda Mixed Safari

7 Days Rwanda Classic Wildlife Safari

7 Days Rwanda Gorilla Wildlife safaris

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9 Days Uganda – Rwanda Gorilla tour

11 Days Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Tracking Tour

11 Day Rwanda Wildlife Safari Tour Experience