Mountain Gorilla Permits in Africa

You need a gorilla permit on every day that you trek the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
A gorilla permit is a legal or authorized document that allows tourists above 15 years to trek the gorillas in their natural habitats. Gorilla permits are issued by either the Uganda Wildlife Authority, Rwanda Development Board or at the Virunga park headquarters in Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo respectively.
Gorilla trekking being the highlight of every African Safari, gorilla permits are on a high demand that it’s advisable to book in advance before the actual date of trekking.

Permits are relatively easy to get in the low seasons of April to May and October to November though this season also has its consequences like the likeliness of being interrupted with the rains while on the trek. For the high seasons, it’s nearly impossible to get a permit if not booked in advance.
Gorilla permits can be booked directly through the Uganda Wildlife Authority, Rwanda Development Board and the Virunga park headquarters. Alternatively, you can use a travel company to book your permit to avoid all the delays and hustles in Uganda.

Permits are attached with different prices in the three countries where gorilla trekking is done. In Uganda, a gorilla permit costs 600 USD, 1500 USD in Rwanda and 450 USD in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Note that the Uganda gorilla permit will increase from 600 USD to 700 USD, an increment of 100 USD.
This money goes to different conservation projects that look forward to reaching sustainable tourism. 10% of the total income from the permits is given back to the community for rural developments to improve the local people both socially and economically. The other portion goes to the conservation efforts
The prime home for mountain gorillas is Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Uganda, Volcanoes national park in Rwanda, Virunga national park in Congo and Mgahinga national park in Uganda still. Tracking the gorillas is a thrilling adventure that takes you so close to the endangered gorillas in their natural habitats, to spectate them carrying on their normal lives as you learn about them. On the trek, tourists can take as many photographs as they want if the camera has no flash.

Note that there are several additional activities that trekkers can engage in to make their gorilla trekking safaris in Africa extremely incredible.
Those visiting Uganda gorillas usually visit the Batwa community of the ancient Batwa pygmies; believed to be the first inhabitants of the forest before they were resettled outside the park. Bird watching, nature walks and scenic viewing among others are all engaging activities to engage in on any gorilla trip in Uganda.
In Rwanda, trekkers visit the Ibyawachu cultural village, Musanze caves, have a nature walk, scenic viewing, golden monkey trekking and many others. In Virunga national park, trekkers can still trek the lowland gorillas, primate viewing plus others.

Gorilla trekking in Africa is done throughout the year, though most tourists it the gorilla homes in the peak season of December to January and June to September.
About accommodation, numerous hotels, cottages, lodges, campsites, guesthouses and bandas are developed both within and outside the parks. From super budget, midrange to luxury accommodation, you can’t fail to get a perfect place for an excellent bed and food for a night. A gorilla trip is a no hesitation safari in Africa, just book that airticket and have a lifetime safari in Africa.

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