With a Rwanda gorilla safari, the great apes are experienced in their natural habitat. Rwanda is among only three countries in the whole world with the mountain gorilla population.

The special experience with the gorillas on a Rwanda safari is a lifetime discovery as witnessed by tourists that visit Rwanda.  Having a DNA 99% close to that of human, the visit to view and experience the livelihood of man’s closest cousin is a no miss o a safari.

The world holds over 200, 00 gorilla species, despite the seemingly huge number. The great primate apes of gorillas are listed as critically endangered due to the prevailing threats.

The mountain slopes of the Virunga Mountains are home to the eastern gorilla species, with the mountain gorillas are the specific gorilla sub species. The eastern gorilla sub species are found in Rwanda, Uganda and Democratic republic of Congo in the various protected areas.

In Rwanda, gorilla safaris are experienced in volcanoes national park, the only primate protected area with gorillas in the country. In the north western province of Musanze, sets the steep slopes of the Virunga Mountain in volcanoes national park, where the mountain gorillas found a home.

Volcanoes national park is among the only three national parks of Rwanda that include, Akagera national park and Nyungwe national park. Volcanoes national park, is the only national park in Rwanda, where gorilla trekking takes place.

The national park covers an area of 160 kilometers rain forest that is home to a number of fauna and beautiful flora.

On a Rwanda gorilla safari, the mountain gorillas of volcanoes national park, can be witnessed by trekking through the slopes mountain Bisoke, Mountain Mikeno and Mountain Karisimbi. These mountains are part of the eight chains mountain where five an encompassed by volcanoes national park.

Through the thick marshes trails and slopes of volcanoes national park, the mountain gorillas are encountered in their natural habitat feeding, playing and feeding.  On a Rwanda gorilla safaris, this one on one encounter can be experienced with a help of the experienced guides that led to the gorilla destination.

The gorilla trekking experience begins with a briefing at Kinigi he headquarters of volcanoes national park. Depending on the preference and physical wellness of trekkers, gorilla families are allocated. Reaching a particular gorilla family takes about 2 to 4 hours on trial.

Volcanoes national park is a home to about twelve habituated gorilla families with a few of other families set aside for research worth a sight on a Rwanda gorilla safaris. The gorillas’ families of Susa gorilla family, Amahoro gorilla family, Umubano gorilla family, Kwitonda gorilla family, sabyinyo gorilla family, Agashaya family, Ugyenda gorilla family , Bwenge gorilla family, Muhoza family and Igishi gorilla family.

Before a visit to any particular gorilla family on a Rwanda gorilla safari, tourists are required to book gorilla permits in time before their gorilla tour.

Gorilla permits can be acquired from the Rwanda development board at 1500$ or indirectly from the tour agencies. Only 96 permits are issued out to tourists on a day, allocating 6 trekkers per gorilla group on a day.

While at the gorilla experience, a number of other attractions, fauna and flora can be seen. Besides the sight of mountain gorillas on Rwanda safari in Volcanoes national park, other mammals in the park, include primates, where the golden monkey are  a major high light for the tourists that want to trek other primate species.

A Hike to the grave of Diana fossey a legendary primatologist, is worth a visit while at volcanoes national park, on a Rwanda gorilla safari.  Diana Fossey took years studying and enforcing the conservation of the mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park.  Her deep love for the mountain gorillas, led to the set-up of a gorilla research center called karisoke, as a camp base located at the slopes of Mountain Karisimbi and Mountain Bisoke.

With a few not pleased with her work, she was murdered and was buried near her favorite gorilla Digit.

For those visiting the national park during the month of September, the Kwita Izina ceremony is one function to look out for while on Rwanda gorilla safari. The ceremony takes place once every year, the gorilla naming ceremony translated located as “Kwita Izina ‘is a no miss. With the festival composed of entertaining traditional performances of music, dance and infant gorilla naming section. The experience is like no else in the world.

Volcanoes national park, offers more to the tourists from the hiking adventures around the slopes of the mountain, cultural encounter of the Ibiywacu community or a visit to the traditional and historical Garama cave and birding expeditions.

Accommodation options are well established near and inside the national park. These enhance a beautiful gorilla experience, an over stay at volcanoes national park is made easier. Accommodation ranging for the budget travelers, midrange to high end travelers is provided.