A city tour around Kigali the capital of Rwanda is one of the foregone activities for people that visit the Country. Many tourists as they take on Rwanda, a visit to the scenic attractions apart from the city, make a major high light for them.

A visit through a historical, cultural and commercial city is worth a while on every safari holiday. Kigali city lies in the central region of Rwanda. It is covering an area of 730km at an elevation of 1,567m. This city is shared by three districts of kicukiro, Nyarugenge and Gasabo with a population of 1 million people.

The sight of the rolling hills of Rwanda, while touring Kigali city, it is an exceptional experience. It is tangled with the view of the beautiful landscape overseeing the city, traditional and cultural sites.

Most popular sightings

Rwanda is mostly thought of, for the wildlife safaris that take place in the protected areas. The best attractions in Rwanda are mountain gorillas in volcanoes national park. In second place are  primate chimpanzee in Nyungwe national park and 3rd place wildlife in Akagera national. The lively experiences in Kigali city have proved to be worth it for travelers too.

To see during the city tour

Touring through Kigali leads to the Kigali genocide memorial. The memorial is a permanent place that commemorates the 1994 genocide. A visit to this area gives a chance to see and highlights the terror that befell during the genocide. There are over 25,000 remains of victims, found at the memorial. The tour is the ultimate showcase of hope.  It is hard to believe how fast the country has developed since 1994.

Other genocide memorials are located at the out casts of the city, and can be visited. These include; Nyamata genocide museum, Ntarama museum, Bisesero museum, Murambi genocide museum and many more.

The kandt house museum is one place to look out for while on a Rwanda city tour. This was a home to the Rwanda first colonial governor Richard Kandt. He was ruling Rwanda on behalf of Germany until 1900s.

This museum is sectioned into three categories. The first comprises the life of Rwanda before colonial rule, in the aspect of political, economic and social life. The second section showcases Rwanda status during colonial rule. And lastly, the third area showcases the life of Rwanda before, during and after the colonial rule.

More to offer

The Kigali city tour has more to offer for visitors. For art lovers, there are plenty of art galleries exhibiting intriguing creative arts of the Rwanda people. The Inema art museum, Rwanda art museum, the king’s palace museum, the Rwesero art museum and the national art gallery, all these portray the different, traditions, culture, livelihood and believes of the Rwanda people.

A stop by at the presidential palace is a must while on a Kigali tour.  This site was a home to the late Rwandan president Juvenal Habyarimana.  The compound of this site was a scene for the murder of President Juvenal. He was killed in a plane crush that landed into the premises of his home. His death sparkled off the 1994 Rwanda genocide.

A visit to this place and other historical sites gives an overview of the interesting history of Rwanda.

Sightseeing through Kigali witnessing the different attractions in the city, from the commercial buildings, local markets to the dazzling hills sights all make a Rwanda Kigali city tour complete.